Six-way Temperature Acquisition

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This application note is in order to introduce the 6-channelwireless temperature acquisition system which is based on the BATT & RF UART shields, the system included one Arduino UNO R3 board , one LC_1000R wireless module, one 900mAh rechargeable battery, one LC-1000RU transparent wireless UART module and a TFT LCD screen(We have the LCD-2000-7775 and the LCD-2000-9225, you can choose one to use). The main content of this article is to present the temperature data display and wireless transmission. The measured temperature range is 0~150℃.

1、We can use DuPont cable to connect the NTC sensor between VCC and A0 port, a 10K resistance between GND pin and analog input pin. The others(A1-                 A5) is connection as the same as A0.   We should pay attention to the voltage and keep the voltage switch is on the side of 3.3V

2、Open the arduino-1.5.4 software, and writing a program . In the end, we can download the program to Arduino UNO R3. And then we can see there will six-way temperature displayed on the LCD screen.

3、We can use a USB data cable connect circuit board to a computer, and then the program can be downloaded. After this we can put the LC-1000RU into a computer USB port and check up the COM part .If everything is ok that the data can be transmitted wirelessly.

4、Open the switch which is on the LC_1000R wireless module , then we can see the data displayed on the LCD screen. Open the serial display tool, we can see the computer screen display over UNO wake up prompt/temperature values/sleeping prompt. We can get the true temperature by means of the displayed temperature value divided by 10.

5、LC-1000R is a wireless UART communication, it have a power down mode , this will help to reduce LC-1000R power consumption a lot, so in the application , we can set LC-1000R in power down mode , and power up before send data. In order to save more power, we can use a low power lib < Sleep_n0m1>, we make ATMega328P into power down mode too. So that we can maximum the reduction of the systems’s power consumption, and by doing this it will working for a longer hour after the battery is fully charged.

6、LCD-2000-7775(LCD-2000-9225) is a thin transistor liquid crystal display,each pixel can be drove by the thin film transistor which is behind the TFT. By this way, it is not only improves the response speed of the display, and you can precisely control display levels. Then the color of TFT LCD will be more realistic. For the TFT LCD module, we can display numbers, English characters, pictures color and the like.






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