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Blog entry by Don on Mon, 2012-02-13 16:57  
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 well I have read afair amount  on this site and all the stuff Y-geo sent me privately and i have decided to get my self an Arduino or one of the family along with some bits and bobs from kawals postings. Do not expect me to post any time soon as I am with my folks and the in-laws for the next 6 weeks . Then it is back to the west indies and pickup the back log of my dental  practice.


i will take this moment to thank all the members for their insight into robotics and Kawal in particular for some very clear articles that even I understood (and my only background in anything practical i got from Y-G and his bikes)

 Thanks to Y-G and his lovely wife Camala for our stay here in the UK especially as Y_G & I hogged the lounge with robot bits and bike bits. Blossom had a good time shopping with Camala  & their daughters so all is well with the world

Domo Oregato




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