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RoboGuru - a intuitive and interactive software designed for kids to make robot programming a fun play. While programming their robots using RoboGuru, the analytical and logical thinking ability of the kid will also be enhanced. RoboGuru is designed to be a layered program with 16 different stages incorporating various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning concepts.





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I was not aware of this software..Thanks for sharing information on Roboguru software.. Keep sharing new updates on robotics..

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The ewer holds the liquid

The ewer holds the liquid until the person who controls it wants to enjoy its contents, similar to a business as it holds the human and financial assets. - Adam LaFavre

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Spam or good info?

this link is interesting but to me borders on SPAM as it has far too much sales/advertising hype in content to be anything but a Sales team's pitch on a hobby site to give them an edge.

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Changes done

Sorry for troubling.

We finish changes in content . now the content is under limitations.

If any issues in changes . let me know.



Thanks for  COR support .





Satyanarayana Mekala

Maanager-Softwrae Development

Jay Roobtix Pvt.Ltd






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New software for school kids

Robo Guru is interactive software developed in Jayrobotix pvt Ltd.

for more visit

Schools and parents can contact us  for demo live demo ...


Mail to us at











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