Curiosity killed the ...soldering equipment??

Blog entry by ScareCrow on Sun, 2012-02-26 06:10  
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Yesterday I wrote (in the shouting box) that I ordered new soldering equipment. Here's the story (funny one, I realised, once I stopped CRYING!).

I had, in the spur of premature spring-cleaning, placed my soldering equipment on the top of a (what I believed to be sturdy) bookshelf. Now you all think you know what happened next, but believe me, you dont.

I was on the phone when I suddenly heard a criek, a sound of broken glas, a bang a crash and a horrified "meow". Counting my bad luck lately I accualy hesitated whether or not I would enter the room and check it out or not. For once rational thinking won over ....well EVERYTHING else going on in my mind at that point so I looked.

It turned out that my cat managed to make my bookshelf tip over, straight through my window (my landlord wasn't happy) wich sent all things on said shelf 2 stories down into brick pavement. A soldering station does not survive that (my cat, however, got away unharmed) and beeing on a rather restricted budget due to studies I was upset to say the least.

But now I've ordered new stuff and realised what a great opportunity this was (read; great excuse..)  to upgrade to a far better soldering station. So now I'm happy again and my kitty is of the hook.
The downside though, is that it takes 5-7 weeks for the new equipment to arrive (the one I wanted was of course the one they were out of!).....



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every cloud etc


 The cat did you a favour, modern electronics needs far more than a copper tip and aheat source it must be temperatore controlled for different types of solder  and ESD protected for working with SM & Chips.

If you had told us before about what was going on and the stuff was back ordered I could have shipped it from the UK and it would be with you in Days.

 Always ask on the forum is the best advice to everyone.

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Ha, Ha, Ha That reminds me of

Ha, Ha, Ha

That reminds me of the time my dog was in my van. I only left him there for moment and he ate the seats, steering wheel, hand brake, wiring loom, gear stick and a box of treats I had hidden for him. He was very proud of himself!

It's a good job my soldering iron was ok, I needed it to fix the van and get it started!


Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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