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So, this is it. I finally found (and became a member of) a community were people (hopefully) knows the difference between a robot and a remote-controlled unit.

Me? I'm a general nerd, currently studying for my bachelor in computer engineering. I haven't build a whole lot of robots before (remote controlled units on the other hand, is something I've perfected).

I live in Sweden and my engliish is far from perfect but I hope that you will excuse that (if you think my writing is bad you should hear my accent!).

It seems that I hardly ever can find the time for new projects anymore but inbetween jobs and studies I plan (and design!) for some fun creations to build during the summer, so bare with me until then.

Oh, and since I LOVE to type random stuff I will drown you all in more or less coherent blogpost.

The terror has begun!

// Lizette



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Ey-up ScareCrow,   I think

Ey-up ScareCrow,


I think your English is great, or written English at least. It's my native tongue and have always struggled with it.

I noticed on my recent trip to Norway that the younger generation are speaking English with an American accent, which I can only assume is something to do with TV. However my Norwegian nephew was told after his English oral exam, he has some very strange pronunciation. He corrected them by telling them it's not a fault with his pronunciation, but merely a Yorkshire accent.

I like that you've pointed out there is a difference between a robot and a remotely controlled machine. Something that seems to be lost on most people.



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Thanks!  The same thing goes


The same thing goes for Sweden, most of us do have an american accent nowdays. Tv, music and so on can be blamed for this, although it has made sure that most kids have a better vocabulary and a greater understanding for the english laguage, so I guess that you have to take the good with the bad.

Well, counting how many times my teacher has shouted about these differences it's kind of hard to forget! :D
He get's pretty upset everytime someone gets it wrong (quite funny accually, he IS rather entertaining when he gets like that! Most of us knew the differnce to begin with and now we just get it wrong for fun!)

/ Lizette


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I don't think it's a bad

I don't think it's a bad thing, American accents are becoming the norm. As I say English is my first and only language, however my broad accent often means I can't be understood. The American accent people are speaking with is very clear and easy to understand.

I've always wanted to visit Sweden. I've heard it's a lovely country, with lovely people. I do however have a real problem with Volvos and fear I might get myself in trouble by attempting to cause havoc at the Volvo factory.

Maybe if I give you a shout before I visit, you could hide them all in a corner where I won't see them?



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Well I think it's a pity, but

Well I think it's a pity, but that's just because I love a nice british accent (or, for some reason, a thick irish brew...).

Well Sweden is quite nice..... during the summers! Not only because of the lack of snow but most people here seems to become far more friendly during the warmer days.

You're welcome to visit and make sure to tell me in advance, I'll cure your phobia by asking one of my volvo-friends to give you a ride ;)

// Lizette

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Ey-up, I like the snow,


I like the snow, That's why I go to Norway in the winter. It's different type of cold there and I assume it to be the same in Sweden. Here the cold is damp and chilling. There it's crisp and clean. I find it refreshing. The Norweigens however are anything but friendly. I know this doesn't extend to the Swedes though.

As for the Volvo ride, see below for my governmental attempts to get Britain to agree with my thoughts...


Volvos get driven around our roads at overly slow speeds by dim witted blinkered retards with no awareness of what is going on around them, regards to lane discipline, other road users or the fact they are actually driving a car! They all too often tow caravans behind them for no reason other than they can’t work out how to take the damn thing off! The Labrador sat on the tartan blanket on the back seat seems to be the only intelligent life aboard most Volvos! These atrocious motor vehicles have been getting in the way, driving too slow and just generally being a pain in the arse for far too long now!

I am here to start off the Anti-Volvo / anti-Volvo drivers club. It’s here for everyone who hates Volvos with the same passion as I do. Anyone can join for free, as long as they have an overwhelming amount of contempt for both Volvo and driver.

All I ask is for members to e-mail me their support and once I have enough support behind me, I can run for election and remove every trace of Volvo and driver from this country forever! I have no other political views so this should make me more qualified than any politician in the country right now.

Once elected, Volvo drivers will be given 14 days to have their Volvos crushed and remove themselves from our country. Any Volvo driver remaining in the country after the 14 day grace period will be culled, by means of being burned inside their Volvo. I suspect though, non too many of them will be able to understand what is going on, as they all live in a blind, unrealistic, demented state of semi-conciseness. That’s why they thought buying a Volvo would be a good idea in the first place!

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1st post


 welcome and well done on taking the plunge with your first post.

I inserted the stars in the subject line as I am not too sure what age anyone reading the site is, as  i do not want parents banning youngsters from reading what we have here, I am sure you can understand that .

As for your English it is better than my Swedish and I am sure your accent is charming :-} you asked if I speak Swedish not as such but I have noticed in my travels that it is similar in grammar and shares a few phrases with german which I do speak along with several other languages . I have had to work abroad so learned the hard way and that is all long behind me so it is all very rusty.


What have you been designing for the summer ?



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  Thank you! I'm sorry about


Thank you!

I'm sorry about the language, sometimes I just don't think before i type. I'll try harder to stay of the curses in my next post.

I agree that swedish and german indeed do have a few similarities (I speak german myself).

Working around the world sounds delightful, it would be interesting to hear more about it sometime.

I don't have very elaborate plans for the summer....yet! But since I never worked with flying robots/units I thought I'd give it a try. My design- and productionprocesses tends to be quite elongated though (I design, re-design, design in 3D program, do the math, re-design again, build prototyp, re-design... do you see the pattern  ;)  ??) If I can find the time I would like to look into making (or at least start on) a 3D scanner as well, bur we'll se.

// Lizette

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