Air robots for the police in the UK

Blog entry by Y-Geo on Sat, 2012-02-11 09:32  
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 On the "one show" this evening the news that the UK police are using Quaracopters as surveilance platforms that are made by


One police force has them in use but another has run foul of the FAA the civil avaition regulatory body as they had no licence to fly it. The stupid thing is you can buy these in any Maplin, Modelzone,kids toy shop for about 300 UKP complete with Camera and software to fly it by phone or laptop/Tablet PC.

see the video's remember these are AUTONOMOUS not RC

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Sky Spy

Hey Y-Geo.

  Back home we have a blimp the police use for spying on crime hot spots but those areas are close to the foot hills of the mountain range across the north of the island, so the bad guys will set a car on fire out comes the blimp and it gets used for target practice.


Perhaps i should mention the Quadracoptors to his nibs the police commissioner  when i next see him :-}



            In the Center of Sunny Trinidad AMEN

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