SD cards/readers use with Microcontrollers

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   I was asked by one of my less technical pals about using a memory card , SD comes to mind since I have seen add ons for arduino using SD card holders to read and write from.

Basically he races motorcycles and would like to add amicrocontoller to his bike to read various sensors (speed / RPM/ gear/ engine temp/ GPS etc)  and record that data to an SD card that can be read by a PC later on so he can see a chart of some kind ie race circuit map with what speed he was doing in what gear etc.


Anyone ever do anything with a memory card?


It occurred to me that such a set up could be used for maze solving or routine patrols by a robot on security detail..........................



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Arduino SD


 Thank you have passed the info on as there is specific ref to datalogggers on the page.

 I have no doubt he will be back asking me more :-{ as though I had not enough on my plate, with Windows phones & Android phones and technically challenged female members of the family.

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Arduino Sd

A link that might be useful

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