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 well I see my old buddy from the West Indies has come to haunt us on the C-o-R, so it falls to me to say welcome aboard Don.

If he starts telling tall tales of our "Daring Do" youth and Dentist Jokes (you know the ones they tell when you can only gurgle in disgust with your mouth full of drill & drugs " Nik you will kindly kick him off the site LoL.

For an Ex-medical student he is quite clever despite all those drunken parties /orgies he attended whilst training. His redeeming qualities are he rides a motorcycle and has learned not to use a K.D. Cresent wrench anywhere but road side brawls LoL He is married (sorry ladies) to a very beautiful Japanese girl Misaki ((美咲) who everyone calls Blossom and her cooking (my fave is her  Onigiri ) is only second to my own lady's culinary skills.

well I think that is enough "ole talk" about him and I think he will make a good contribution here. He will get worse as he & blossom are  due here in England this weekend to visit for a day or so before going to Japan to see their parents hopefully he will see enough here to pick up some bits whilst in Japan and take some ideas back home.




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Welcome Don do not worry

Welcome Don do not worry about being kicked out on Y-Geo's say so we have no Favourites here LoL.

I hope You and Blossom have a safe trip and do not let Y_G lead you to much astray from our Hobby with talk of bikes.

Enjoy the site and thanks for not being shy a and having a faceless Avatar picture. Neat picture I take it that is part of the "daring Do" Y-Geo talks about?

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