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     well I am back from my travels to see my In laws and my folks. We stopped off to see Y-Geo and his family and to ask advice as well as catch up on our family/friends gossip.


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     For some one with and old RC toy and an android type phone.

  • Blog entry by Y-Geo on Sat, 2012-03-31 00:35
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    while I was looking for something else I found this:

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    Look HERE

    Arduino & android link



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     Thanks for the good wishes unfortunately my young friends theory of Time has come into play.

  • Blog entry by ScareCrow on Mon, 2012-03-12 06:10
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    A while ago I signed up for a class in "Industriell robottechnology" (yes, it's my own sloppy translation, sounds way better in swedish) as an extra (besides my regular classes).

    So far it's proven to be a very interesting class and now it's time for some off-line robot programming.

    We are going to use the "ABB robotstudio" (for you who never heard of it, it's a program for realistic simulations and off-line programming of robots).

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    I haven't had the time to check in here on robotcommunity for the past week-and-a-half. I'm studying for my latest math-exam (no, I haven't had it yet, but now after a few extra all-nighters I feel quite confident about it)

    I will probably not have the time for the next week or so either. Not only because of the test (wensday, wish me luck) but because I got a new toy, a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 <3

    Now, that's nothing special you say, everybode has a surfpad by now, well, I don't (or at least I didn't).
    Remember, student and all that.

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     came across this in my ramblings thought that some of you would find it useful:


  • Blog entry by Rex on Sun, 2012-02-26 06:32
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    I noticed earlier that nik-mod has been censoring some choice language on the site. Good work buddy, there's no need for swearing.

    It kinda got me thinking though. Maybe we could have a list of words that can't be used on the site? We could build up a huge database of naughty words in every language, then we could then put all these words into print and sell it as a multilingual swear dictionary.