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Starts on Sun, 2012-01-22 21     Ends on Sun, 2012-04-22 21    

Contest Rules:
site owner, moderators and Prize donators barred from entry
Site owner & moderators decision is final
open to members of the site only, no previous posts or topics of any sort required
the content must be the authors own work including video's pictures as well as written content
any outside material used MUST have the acknowledgement to the original author/photographer/videorgrapher.

Contest prizes: see description

Contest description:


     Well I have a stack of books I have been given by my thoughtful friends which in discussion with my daughter and Kawal I am preepared to donate some as prizes. For the most part they are new but of course have been read and in most cases reviewed by me on the site.


I have also had donated miscellanious electronc parts in the course of my buying such as 100 LED's which can be used in say a4*4*4 light cube controlled by a microcontroller of your choice.

 Ditto one bag of mixed LED's for a 5*5*5 cube.

I also have a bag of smaller bags of assorted surface mount & discrete components tha frankly I will never ever get round to using.

  I will leave it to Kawal to set out the exact parameters of this contest since this is the first I hope of many contests.




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Looking at these prizes, I'd say the first contest should be who's got the user name that's closest to Rex.

Ooh, that'll be me! What have I won?


The second contest should be for the member who comes up with the worst idea.

Ooh, that'll be me again, see above for proof. What have I won now?


The third contest should be for the first one who thinks up 3 contests.

Ooh! Me again! Another prize please.



Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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Contest prizes


 Thak you all donations of prizes are VERY welcome.

If we end up with too many for ONE contest we can run another <BG>

  Site Moderator for

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I would like to donate a

I would like to donate a robot builder's shield as prize.

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