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Hi. have recently got into the arduino bug at age 47. so I have built the arduino powerd 4x4 bot platform, it is uno powerd, adafruit controller, 1 servo and sharp sensor, I have installed the software, all seems well after trying a couple of the mini sketches that are built in the program, the thing is being a complete noob I cant program as yet, no doubt this qustion has been asked many a time, but could someone plz point me to the direction of a basic obsticle avoidence sketch to make my first bot do its thing, all replies appreciated........................and fingers crossed..............



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all is sorted

all is sorted thx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Thx for reply!

Before I continue I want to tell you that I have made this first robot breadboard and all, and it worked perfectly thx, problem is that now I have made the df-robot 4x4 plat form, as you know this has 4 motors, ultrasonic sensor instead of the sharp and a 4 motor sheild, I have tried many sketches and nothing works? the nearest I  have to making it move is a motot test from httpmakeprojects.comProjectBuild-your-own-Arduino-Controlled-Robot-5771 , but the actuall working sketch doesnt work? any advice plz, thankyou Alan

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Hi, This is exactly what you

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