Anyone else having trouble with arduino IDE on windows 7 ?

Forum topic by kawal on Mon, 2012-05-21 23:13   Posted in Programming
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I have been using arduino IDE (023 and 1.0) on windows XP without any problem but whenever i use arduino IDE on windows 7 64-bit it doesn't work as it should.If i click on any of the options like "File,Edit,Sketch,Tools,etc" it freezes for few seconds or sometimes even for a minute.Its kind of irritating when you want to test the code many times.So i was wondering that any of you experiencing same problem and if yes did you find any solution for it(other than switching the OS)?



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Same problem

Hi Kawal,

I too experienced same problem some time ago but never found the solution to it.Then it suddenly started working properly.Dont know what happened.


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