Arduino shields with picaxe.Isn't it cool ?

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Its a good news for picaxe users/fans.

Picaxe has released the PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base to allow compatibility with the many different arduino shields that are available in the market.

Yes !! It means that you can use the arduino compatible shields just by stacking it over Picaxe 28X2 shield base(AXE401) in the same way as you did with arduino and program it in Basic.Also the cost is very low.They have made a statement that its a "No profit product".

There are 3 choices available for buying the product.Datasheet can be found here

1.Pre-assembled - £9.99

2.Self assembly kit - £7.99

3.Only PCB - £1.99

 Picture of a assembled shield base                                      PCB



Picture of different shields stacked on top of picaxe 28X2 shield base a.k.a AXE401


Isn't it cool ?




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Pre-built sold out


 as of todays date the UK supplier is out of pre-built versions waiting on delivery Kits are available though but the buy it now link is busted so do a site seach to add it to basket Paypal & world pay available

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Frankly I think that's

Frankly I think that's aboslutely good stuff.

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released quite a time back

hey kawal,
As far as i know the 28X2 shield base was released an year ago.

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It was released 2 months ago.

It was released 2 months ago.

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This is great!


Does this mean, I can use all that cool stuff I read about on my Picaxe?





Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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