servo problems

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I have a Hitec HS805mg servo that I want to drive through 180 degrees with position control. I tried attaching to a 555 chip servo driver that position controls a smaller Dynan B2232 servo. It rotates through 180 degress but in between swings about, stop,s then makes random moves and continues on. It is never stationary.

I bought a GP servo driver board from Quasar Electronics and connected up.With the suggested 10k pot i achieved rotation of about 3 degrees. I tried a different pot, this time 100k [didnt have my glasses on] and it rotated through about 15 degrees. I have gone right up to a 220k pot and now get 90 degrees rotation.

is there anyone who can in clear and simple terms. tEll me whats going wrong


Thanks in anticipation



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my dc servomotar is not rotating when i appling 6v for obstacle avoider robot will u help me

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Servo problems

I dont have don;t have any experience with that type of set up. But it looks to me the 555 is unstable and oscilating at random frequencies, Hence the te random movements. Thus you have to stabilize the chip. It is also possible that  you pick up some noise. Good luck.

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