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 Well not to be out done by Nik and his visits to places of interest i thought I might add to the pot so to speak.

As you will see from my Avatar my wife is a woman of Asian decent, that i met in my travels about this old world of ours.

the Mandir (temple where Nik is off to is in North west london ) I have been there anumber of time both with my wife and with her various family members. the last visit was back in early summer before she and i went back to Trinidad where her family has lived for the past 100 years or so.







Having been married according to Hindu custom we made it a ritual to attend a mandir every time we go home. this time we went into the foothills of the southern range and visited the Trevani mandir.





  well i found the other set of pictures of the Mandir at Caripachima in Trinidad, this is the most amazing colour of stone you could wish too see and that Murti (statue ) is 85ft tall is supposedly the biggest one outside of India.




















The thumbnail re-sizing has cropped it a bit but the full picture is available by clicking on the image.


My other favourite mandir  back home is the Sea Temple at Waterloo on the west coast of the Island.

 A devout hindu called Sewdass built a temple in 1947 but the land owners Tate & Lyle (british sugar company) prosecuted him for trespass. So being smart he built a causway out into the sea by some 20 meters and built his Temple there.

The result took him 20 years of hard work and his own cash got to admire the man's faith in God to take on that kind of task.

 The results :-







A place to find solace and be reminded all things can be overcome with a little help of faith in God.



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