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  • Forum topic by Gadget-Fan on Tue, 2012-09-18 11:05
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    How to make your first ROBOT:


    For those whom are a bit tight on cash. I converted the Robot to a cheaper version. I.E no need for servo motor, no need for  a distance sensor.

    Is it is not automonous anymore But it is a start and can easely be converted back to the orginal again, when more cash is available.

    This robot is infrared controlled. I.E, It makes the same moves, but it is controlled with a remote. Wich is a fraction of the cost compared to a distance sensor and servo motor combination.

    Happy building.

  • Forum topic by Sento on Sat, 2012-07-21 02:20
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    Hey COR, this is my first post and my english isn't so good. I hope you understand what's my problem. :)


  • Forum topic by hengis on Wed, 2012-06-06 21:05
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    How do I contril a 4wd robot?  Do I need 2 L293d chips or is ther a 4 motor version of the L293D?

  • Forum topic by prat on Tue, 2011-05-17 22:21
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    I am planning to build a robotic arm with 6 to 8 servos and the arm has to be quite strong.I want to buy servos which have high torque but the servos should be cheap and reliable.So do you guys have any suggestion where can i find such servos ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Forum topic by kawal on Mon, 2012-05-21 23:13
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    I have been using arduino IDE (023 and 1.0) on windows XP without any problem but whenever i use arduino IDE on windows 7 64-bit it doesn't work as it should.If i click on any of the options like "File,Edit,Sketch,Tools,etc" it freezes for few seconds or sometimes even for a minute.Its kind of irritating when you want to test the code many times.So i was wondering that any of you experiencing same problem and if yes did you find any solution for it(other than switching the OS)?

  • Forum topic by shakiMCA on Mon, 2012-05-21 15:52
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    I need to design robot in gazebo and do the navigation...can u refer me what all process have to be done...

    1.Modeling in gazebo

    2.control virtual base with joystick

    3.mapping robot controlled by joystick

    4.localize the robot when switched at random position

    5. create a database of 3-4 maps (version with and without obstacles)

    6. Odometry for Holonomic mobile base

    7.path plannng

  • Forum topic by Rex on Fri, 2011-05-27 03:16
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    I don't know if anyone has done this before, I'm sure someone must have tried it, but I can't seem to find any information on Google.


    What I've done so far, is remove the gears and motor from a servo, attach the motor leads to another motor with gearbox, than attach the servo's pot to the new gearbox's output shaft, so I can get positional information from this gearbox.


  • Forum topic by kudud on Wed, 2012-04-25 20:23
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    I've been constructed the circuit exactly the same as yours. All items are exactly the same. The program downloaded to the board successfully. The servo also functioning well before connected to the circuit and after discarded from the circuit (use testing servo code). Meanwhile, the gear motor also funtion properly when connected straight to battery.Unfortunately, nothing happen to the robot.

  • Forum topic by Awesome man on Mon, 2012-05-07 12:53
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    Hi. Gyus.


    This is my first time to build device.

    I saw the example of programming for device.

    I am building simple device but I don't know how to do progamming.


    If The track is that that

    1. 300mm forward and turn right 90 degree

    2. after that 1000mm  forward and turn right 90 degree

    3. and then 200mm forward and turn left

    4. and 1000mm forward and the device has to stop.


    If some people have good idea or programming for that, please send an email to me.

  • Forum topic by kimbimbi on Thu, 2012-04-12 22:02
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    Hi to everyone on the site,