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  • Forum topic by aluminumfetish on Wed, 2012-01-18 11:06
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     I just wanted to say hello to the group and comment on the new feel of the arduino IDE. I love it !! It took me a few days.. the new color scheme threw me off a bit but now I love it.. i love the web links in the comments. Has anybody used netbeans or similar to code for arduino ? I've got some pretty cool sketches for the 16x2 lcd keypad if anybody wants to trade sketches or just to check them out. 

    Hope to hear from y'all.

    carlin aka aluminumfetish

    fabricator, gadgeteer, aspiring programmer.


  • Forum topic by Rex on Fri, 2012-02-24 19:46
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    Hi all,


  • Forum topic by vignesh on Sun, 2012-02-19 20:37
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    my arduino board is getting powered when it is connected through USB cable. but its not getting powered when it is connected through 9V bettery. the battery is new, the DC pin is also new, the connections are also correct. i have checked it many times. other stuffs are working with the same battery and the DC pin. is there any problem on my arduino??

    expecting a good reply......

    thank you....

  • Forum topic by Y-Geo on Fri, 2012-01-27 15:59
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       I was asked by one of my less technical pals about using a memory card , SD comes to mind since I have seen add ons for arduino using SD card holders to read and write from.

  • Forum topic by storm_25 on Thu, 2011-12-29 01:25
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    i want to know about how to build a pick place and throw robot...!!

    more specifically i want to make a robot (wired) which can pick a ball of a small table tennis ball size and can throw it the target position...!!!


  • Forum topic by hasini on Thu, 2011-12-22 20:09
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  • Forum topic by Rex on Mon, 2011-12-26 04:44
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    Ey-up lads,


    Been hearing quite a bit about this little device lately. It's called the Raspberry PI, and is going to be the world's cheapest computer costing £16 in the UK.


    I wondered if anyone else had come across it and if the thought about using it as a robot brain.

    Raspberry PI


  • Forum topic by kawal on Thu, 2011-05-26 01:34
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    Its a good news for picaxe users/fans.

    Picaxe has released the PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base to allow compatibility with the many different arduino shields that are available in the market.

    Yes !! It means that you can use the arduino compatible shields just by stacking it over Picaxe 28X2 shield base(AXE401) in the same way as you did with arduino and program it in Basic.Also the cost is very low.They have made a statement that its a "No profit product".

  • Forum topic by Rex on Wed, 2011-05-25 17:17
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    I have a robot arm I'm planning on hacking. I thought I'd post on here and ask for advice before I go any further. It's a Maplin robot arm, with 5 degrees of freedom. There are no sensors to allow it to know where the various joints are, so I thought I'd change that.

    My idea is to use servos to feed back it's position and tell it to move to another position.


  • Forum topic by Rex on Mon, 2012-01-02 23:22
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    Ey-up Guys,


    Might be an unusual kind of question this, But I have a wireless mouse/keyboard combo that we use in our living room for our media centre pc. The trouble we have with it, is the batteries don't last long (3xAA).

    My idea is to make some kind of docking station for it to charge on, but unfortunatly I know nothing about this subject, so thought I would ask on here for any information you guys might have.