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  • Forum topic by Rex on Wed, 2011-12-28 23:24
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    This TV show always makes me laugh, but thought this clip might make you guys laugh too.



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  • Forum topic by Y-Geo on Mon, 2011-12-19 01:35
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     Well not to be out done by Nik and his visits to places of interest i thought I might add to the pot so to speak.

    As you will see from my Avatar my wife is a woman of Asian decent, that i met in my travels about this old world of ours.

  • Forum topic by Rex on Sun, 2011-05-29 14:48
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    This forum was empty, so I thought I'd kick it off with a question,


    I'm crap at programming, so thought if anyone knows of a good online tutorial site for Picaxe basic, they could post it on here for me.





  • Forum topic by Rex on Mon, 2011-11-21 00:34
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    Does anyone have any idea what sort of DC motors are available with a high power output, prefereble 12v. When I say high power I mean the sort used on electric wheelchairs, that kind of thing. I could do with model numbers, as a starting point. I've found gaining information on this quite difficult.

    They could also do to be cheap. Really cheap.




  • Forum topic by prat on Sat, 2011-11-19 22:50
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    I was planning to buy a lipo battery but i am quite confused about the C ratings which are used for Lipo batteries.

    Can anyone explain me what does it represent ?


  • Forum topic by mountbarren on Sat, 2011-06-25 00:42
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    in an atmega8 microcontroller, wat is the use of AREF pin? what is it connected to?

  • Forum topic by kawal on Fri, 2011-09-02 00:14
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    I know most of you guys must have seen this video before but for those who didn't see here it is.

    Its something not to miss.

    World's most useless machine 



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  • Forum topic by Rex on Sun, 2011-06-26 00:49
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    Does anyone know if it's possible to have a certain part of a program run for a set amount of time, or set a program to run for a certain amount of loops in picaxe basic?


    If it's possible, could someone explain it to me in the simplest of simple terms, as I am simple when it comes to programming.



  • Forum topic by mountbarren on Fri, 2011-06-17 16:40
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    i bought an AVR USB programmer. It has and FRC cable port. What is the purpose of this? How is it used? please guide.

  • Forum topic by harshit on Fri, 2011-06-10 11:50
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    There was no activity on the site from quite a many days, so i thought of posting it.
    I am not sure that whether you all guys know this or not but it seems like the arduino guys now have their own online store. Have a look at it