Bulk LED's in various sizes

Bulk LED's in various sizes



 I have dealt will Gary at Handsignalman E-bay store a number of times now, the last deal was 100 Red 5mm Led's for 5.95UKP + postage. ordered at 14.00 and they were dispatched the same day (postman was working too as they were on the doormat by 10.00 next day )

Gary's main thrust is Model Train realism which is why I went to him for bits for ROBOTRUCK.

Tthe 5mm LED's I bought make up the tail /brake/reversing lights plus the police style light bar on the roof. His 1.8mm lights are the "hidden" pulsing lights behind the grill of the radiator. I bought red & blue and he offered another pack of the same size of the colour of my choice in this case white (I can feel alight cube coming on albeit a miniture one.)for free(remeber he supplies the resistors as part of the whole deal as well !


Contact him thro E-Bay if you live outside of the UK, he will give you a straight answer to an honest question.


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