GPS outdoor Robot

GPS outdoor Robot


Thank you guys! I am currently developing around the EZ-Robot  micro

processor,, is absolutely fantastic and easy to program with the EZ-Builder (the software of EZ-Robot) make a look on

My project is based on a mini PC on board that controls the EZ-Board for all vital functions of the robot. This combination offers the possibility to operate on remote via GSM and this soft provide also a very good voice commands action

I also include a direct access via RC Radio control for easy handling

I use a Sabertooth 2X25 for my 24 volts motor drive ( VERY NICE )

For the GPS guidance  I expect to use an Arduino UNO combined with an Arduipilot and another Arduino for object detection

I will update my project after each step, but be patient this project requires several months of development

Thank you for your support and your help!


Canadian Robot 


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Removing brakes

You mentioned that there is a need to remove the brakes from the wheel-chair motors. Would you have some photos showing what is removed? I recently bought a wheel chair and am planning on making it R/C. Didn;t know there are breaks insise these motors.

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brake removal

HI Glitch Mobile ,thats very easy  check this video on youtube  for the brake removal ; 




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That's really fantastic project indeed. Your robot is very much impressed me and like the GPS feature you've added on that. Please let me know what type of GPS functions you can handle through your Robot.

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Dude, Thats a seriously


Thats a seriously cool robot.

Where did you get ahold of the motors for this robot ?

- David

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Reply to David

Hello, I buy a basic wheelchair for $ 150 a Quickie S-626 to a repairer shop  here in Montreal, a model of 2009 in perfect condition Was the problem that the motor control and the joystick had burn

You only need to remove the brakes on the two motor ( easy ) and add a motor controller 25 amps 24 volts with 5 volts like the Sabertoot   2x25

The quality is exeptional and the ride is very smooth and fast, it suporte easy 300 lbs (150 kg) and battery life is 4 to 6 hours

If you need to buy only the motor check on ebay you can find a lot for cheap price !  ( check on battelbot category )



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Thanks for the info.I tried

Thanks for the info.I tried ebay and guess what i found a couple of motors at a reasonable rate.


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Cool !!! the best one is the long one ( more easy to install !

Have fun !


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HI David, what do you mean by ((ahold))  ?? excuse me I dont understand your question ?


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English translation:-}


 He is asking in UK english where you obtained the motors (ie got ahold (as in picked up physically)the motors)  OR where did you purchase them from?


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Thanks for the explanation

Thanks for the explanation Y-geo.

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