GPS outdoor Robot

GPS outdoor Robot


Thank you guys! I am currently developing around the EZ-Robot  micro

processor,, is absolutely fantastic and easy to program with the EZ-Builder (the software of EZ-Robot) make a look on

My project is based on a mini PC on board that controls the EZ-Board for all vital functions of the robot. This combination offers the possibility to operate on remote via GSM and this soft provide also a very good voice commands action

I also include a direct access via RC Radio control for easy handling

I use a Sabertooth 2X25 for my 24 volts motor drive ( VERY NICE )

For the GPS guidance  I expect to use an Arduino UNO combined with an Arduipilot and another Arduino for object detection

I will update my project after each step, but be patient this project requires several months of development

Thank you for your support and your help!


Canadian Robot 


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ok thanks !!!

I put a comment for you on the first reply check ! 


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     according to his Spec sheet they are wheelchair motors,

as to what wheel chair you will have to look for some old geezer hand wheeling his wheel chair to know where the motors came from LoL

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Awesome robot !!

Awesome robot !!

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Big & useful robots


 now that is what I call "life size robotics" as opposed to hexbugs etc. If you take a look on the:-


 site you will find a number of nifty modifications to wheel chair bases including reversing camera and parking sensors etc.

Keep up the good work and keep us updated please..I will ask my wife to dig in my library and dig out my C coding books there were one or two that made sense even to me that may help you get your head round the code part of robot building.

Thanks for sharing


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Thanks !

Thank you very much for your comment ! please check my new project description !




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Nice work

Thats a nice big robot.

Can you provide  some more description/image ? I would love to know more about this robot.

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information req

HI Kawal !, thank you for your comment !!!!! please can you explain to me how can I put more pics on that page ?




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Adding images Step

Adding images

Step 1:

Click on the image icon in the text editor.A window will pop up.

Step 2:

Click on browse server..Another window will open.

Step 3:

Click on upload on the upper left corner.Then click  on choose file and browse your pc for images you want to upload.Select the images and click on upload.

Thats it.



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