Multichannel Voltage Acquisition

Multichannel Voltage Acquisition


    Recently ,I have done a experiment——Multichannel Voltage Acquistion. The system included one Arduino UNO R3 board, one DS-REF-431,one TFT LCD screen. The main content of this article is to present the voltage data display .The measured voltage range is 0~4.096V.
    First, I use DuPont cable to connect the 9k resistance between VCC and A0 port, a 910Ωresistance between GND pin and A0 pin. The others(A1-A7) is connection as the same as A0.
    Then, I connect the reference source module DS-REF-431 to UNO R3 board. Because of the development board internal reference source is not accurate enough, so in order to get a accurate value we need an external reference source. In this experiment ,we used the reference source module is designed  an production by ourselves, which will provide a stable precision reference voltage. In this test , it will provide an accuratevoltage of 4.096V. If you want to know more about the DS-REF-431, you can scan our website to download the datasheet.
     LCD-2000-7775(LCD-2000-9225) is a thin transistor liquid crystal display,each pixel can be drove by the thin film transistor which is behind the TFT. By this way, it is not only improves the response speed of the display, and you can precisely control display levels. Then the color of TFT LCD will be more realistic. For the TFT LCD module, we can display numbers, English characters, pictures color and the like.
    Open the arduino-1.5.4 software, and writing a program
(1The initialization of LCD screen is shown below:

#include <LCD_2000_7775.h>

#define cs   11

#define wr   10

#define rs   12

#define D0     9

#define D1     8

#define D2     7

#define D3     6

#define D4     5

#define D5     4

#define D6     3

#define D7     2

LCD_2000_7775 TFTscreen(cs,wr,rs);

void setup() {




(2)The Voltage acquisition software is shown below:

void loop() {


  adcvalue0 = analogRead(A0);

  if( last_A0 != adcvalue0 )


    last_A0 = adcvalue0;

    last_A0 = adcvalue0;

    Vsense0 = last_A0 * 4 ;

(3) The Voltage acquisition data display on LCD-2000-7775 software is shown below.


    TFTscreen.text(sensorPrintout0, 50, 30);

    String sensorVal0 = String(Vsense0);

    sensorVal0.toCharArray(sensorPrintout0, 7);



    TFTscreen.text(sensorPrintout0,50, 30);

Fianlly , we can see the voltage data from the LCD-2000-7775.Also,we can easily achieve 8 channels voltage acquisition by change the program. If you want to know more about this, please visit the website of or send email to . 


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