Custom remote controller

Custom remote controller


I have been working on this project for a long time.This remote control can be used to control any robot that has a xbee to recieve signals .You can call it a universal remote control.

The primary objective for building this controller is to control a fire fighting robot which is still under work.The robot is being made using this  vechicle.

The controller has three pushbuttons for selecting mode of operation of the robot.i.e.Autonomous,remote controlled and gyro.

There are two analog joysticks .Left one will be used for driving the robot left,right,reverse,forward and the right joystick will be used for pan/tilt.

Programming is yet to be done.

Here are some pictures clicked during the evolution .

This is the top cover of the controller.Yeah i know its not perfect but what do you expect without a cnc ? :)

Its made out of transperant acrylic sheet.

Xbee with sparkfun xbee explorer regulated.

Pushbuttons and switch .

All the wires are connected to a "Kind of protoshield" stacked on top of arduino uno.This is the lower plate of controller.

Top cover with lcd,switch,potentiometer, and pushbuttons mounted.

Completed controller

Feeded the power for first time

Now the only work left is Programming and for that i have to first complete my robot so that i can program this controller as per the robot operations.

Thanks for reading !


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Good Stuff


 Do you ever sleep LoL, nice layout easy to trouble shoot whilst making is solid to handle, as some one else said small seems to be the rage but when prototyping a new design give me space to see and work every time.

 All the stuff on RoboTruck was done on a big bread board first even then when I miniturised the circuits to fit on the Truck that is when life got tough using tiny probes and big magnifying glass to check the joints etc.

If you like small try 2 *1/8 watt resistors and 10 * 1.8mm LED's in 0.7" by 0.4" of vero board and then trying to trouble shoot if it does not work 1st time.  NOT even remotely fun time.

Well done , good luck with the programming and Thank You for sharing

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I guess its not that big.The

I guess its not that big.The reason i made it big was if any additional components are to be installed then there should be some space.Moreover this is just a prototype as you said.I'll be doing a CAD of this and will get it done using my college's CNC.At that time i may reduce the size.


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I  am jealous you have CNC machinery available at college, our 3 local colleges closed down their engineering departments almost 15 years ago.!!

No money available from Government to keep them open DOH !     one used to rent out the workshop 2 evenings a week for guys like me to do hobby stuff any thing from racing lawnmowers & motorcycle parts to fine artwork metal & jewelery . and despite a 12,000 signature petition to keep it open it was cleared out and sold off.

Now i have the only option to send my stuff to canada to make or pay 3 times the cost to have it made 60 miles away. in a machining  center workshop.

Progress .............................



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Well a nice project but the control box is way too large a smaller once would be cool.

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