Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm


After doing Kawal's tutorial bot I decided to move onto something slightly different. This is my attempt at a robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom (all servo rotation). 

First thing I have done is plan the structure of the arm. It is going to be built from MDF (all I had, others with better tools would probably use plexiglass or something to effect). It has a base which turns and then will have a 3 other servos to control the other dimensions. 

It is based on this arm being sold by lynxmotion for around $250


Task list

-order servos yes

-plan and cut out main structure yes

-build the base


-code (inverse kinematics angry)

-maybe add sensors??


Structure Cutouts

How I aim to fit it together. The pencils are used instead of long doweling

I will add some more photos as I go along. Wish me luck!



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Good luck with the project .

Good luck with the project . Please keep us informed.

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Its nice to see MDF being used for a robotic arm.Usually Mdf's in robotics field are used in CNCs

Pencils ?yes

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No CNC for me, nor any type

No CNC for me, nor any type of computerised cutting. I'm pretty sure all my projects will be cheap wood and a jigsaw. The pencils are somewhat offputting but actually perfect for a small support like that. I am quite a low budget guy.

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Hi Joe, Good start with the

Hi Joe,

Good start with the arm.What servos are you planning to use ?




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I'm using Towerpro sg5010 for

I'm using Towerpro sg5010 for the 'elbow', 'wrist' and the rotating base.

For the main 'shoulder' I'm going to use a hi-tec hs-755HB because I'll probably need more torque.

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