MyzharBot - Your personal mobile robot

MyzharBot - Your personal mobile robot


MyzharBot will be your personal robot. You will be able to speak to it and it will recognize you and it will reply to your vocal commands.

MyzharBot will be a full autonomous robot, but you will be able to control/monitor it by your smartphone/tablet (Android, iOS and Windows) via WiFi, bluetooth and remotely by Internet.

Main Features

  • BrainPandaboard ES, dualcore ARM Cortex-9 miniPC

  • Operating System: Embedded Linux Ubuntu based

  • Power: LiIon 5000mA Turnigy Battery

  • Motors: 2x powerful Micro Motors series e192 – model e192-12-18 - Link - Datasheet

  • Motor Encoders: 2x CUI INC AMT102-V - Link - Datasheet

  • Motor Logic Unit: Robocontroller V2 - Link

  • Motor Power Unit: Roboponte-MD V2 - Link

  • Tracks: 2x Tracks LynxMotion 3″ width - Link

  • Chassis: Laser cut plastic chassis. Project on Ponoko site

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Embedded video:
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Thank you for your words. The

Thank you for your words.

The Pandaboard is about 10cm x 10cm... very tiny ^_^


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Nice work


 Nice piece of work, glad some one else is keeping up the tradition of good robot design on the site during my enforced absence from work.

I am not familiar with the panda board how big is it?

I was given a raspberry Pi by the wife late last month, once my hands are back in working order i hope to write some Python scrips for it and the GERTBoard.

Keep up the good work

  Site Moderator for

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