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Well this is the FREE pcb that came with the Evil Genius' 123 robotic experiments book that gave me such ahard time finding componenets for it outside of the US.

  Being just stubbon I persisted and after 5 weeks all the parts arrived in the UK and within hours you see the result above. The only thing that I could not source  as specified was the special 9V battery holder

Quite why it is not sold outside of the US God alone knows but a little thought and double sided foam tape (YUK!) it works.

Would i do it again knowing the pitfalls of supply NO I WOULD NOT which is why I decided to write up the book reviews to save you, the reader, the hassle.


I will write up what I use it for other than the experiments the Kid & I are going to do in the future may be that " light cube" if the Stamp lends itself to that kind of programming. Who knows what the future holds for it?


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I have the same book.  I

I have the same book.  I learned a ton...I use Arduinos more often than this, but the Basic Stamp 2 microcontroller is fun to learn and use.


The Evil Genius book was great education for me, though a Basic Stamp 2 board is more expensive to build than it is to buy an Arduino UNO (or just buy the ATMega 328 IC...or ATTinys).

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