2nd addition to the Family

2nd addition to the Family


A lot of the stuff the kid & I have looked at are picaxe chip based and since the Picaxe family of chips is so cheap I decided I would take a look at the whole Picaxe thing.


I found that since Picaxe chips come in all kind of DIP sizes a programming board for most sizes would be best for us. Velleman made a kit [K8048] for the Picaxe chips in various sizes (8, 14,18 & 28 pin) on one board so I went with that and picked one up quite cheaply on ebay.


There was a GOTCHA to this approach Velleman boards will NOT accept programming thro USB / Serial converters it MUST be done thro a serial port & cable. So check you have those available before going with this kit.

The software for programming for this board is available on Vellemans website under kit Number K8048 as a free download.

the one thing missing for me at least was the fact t has no breadboarding environment or take offs to do any direct work with the chip. It is a case of, place chip on Veele board, program chip, remove chip, place chip in test environment (bread board, vero board et al ) and test, that is a lot of handling for such delicate pieces.

Now that we have it i will keep you up to date with what we use it for <BG>


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Picaxe V Arduino


 I have been watching the read count on my arduino to picaxe to EG board write ups and i am suprised that picaxe has 3 Times as many readers than the Arduino piece.

I wonder if it is pricing or the amount of hits a www search gets of arduino over Picaxe?


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