3rd addition to the family

3rd addition to the family


well I kept getting told " boy is Arduino or walk if is robotics or embedded" and " your a LINUX man and open software supporter why are you NOT using Arduino?"


So my Wife asked what I wanted for Christmas knowing full well i never ask for anything useless so Arduino I said hopefully (she thought it was some kind of aftershave & me growing a beard LoL ) so I ordered it yesterday thinking it would arrive for my birthday in the new year but hey hey it is with me today !!! (another vendor for our list it seems )


I cannot get over how TINY this board is so much so i put it on my cutting grid board to give you an idea how small it is. Each of those squares is 1cm !

Having been taken by suprise by its VERY early arrival i will have to now read up on its capabilities so I see some more book reviews in the  Community of Robots future


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