Beer/Soda serving robot

Beer/Soda serving robot


28 June
I got the pneumatics of the robot working! The pneumatic valves are motor (powered by L293 chips) controlled, so I can control them from the Arduino. One set of claws grabs the fridge door handle to open the fridge, the other set of claws is used for picking a can out of the fridge. Next step is to get the NXT motors working so I can actually open the fridge! See video 4 for the explanation and to see the pneumatics in action.
The idea is that this robot will fetch me a beer or soda from the fridge so I can stay on the couch watching The Terminator. In the end I want to connect my Android phone through Bluetooth with the robot. In a selfmade app I can select what I want and how many. Through a colour sensor the robot must see the difference between i.e. beer (green) and a coke (red).
It becomes a big robot (for Lego standards); it's already over 10kg in weight and this brings some issues with it. Like a little bump that it has to take while riding to/from the kitchen. I solved it, as you can see in video 1.
Right now the robot is able to navigate around the house (see video 3) and the current challenge I'm facing is how to open the fridge. I have already installed a pneumatic grabber that can open the fridge a few centimeters. From there it needs a second arm or something like that to open the fridge further. Once I've figured it out, I'll let you know. Suggestions are also very welcome!

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