Infrared remote HYBRID of HTMYFR

Infrared remote HYBRID of HTMYFR



Kawal sent me request place a picture and or a tutorial on this web site. So here it is.  

This is a hybrid of "KAWAL HTMYFR. For those whom are a bit cash strapped. The expensive sensor and Ifrared distance sensor have been replaced with a Ifrared receiver and remote, costing a fraction of the aforementioned It makes the same moves but it is not autonomous any more.  

It is meant for those whom want to have a go at it and then modify it later to the orginal one.I also added some extra's to it. A PIEZO buzzer will beep on start up and beep when going in reverse.A green and red led to indicate which way it is turning.

A white flashing tail-light, it can be any color but white is used on cars.. They are a gimmick it is your choice to add them or not.

I thought it would be more impressing when showing it to my friends :-}

Motor driver is build on a veroboard so is the buzzer and attached with bolds to the main frame

The IR receiver is pinned into a in a minature breadboard 34mmx44mm shown in the right rear corner.You can also see the Servo motor in the front but has no function, As mentioned this is a hybrid. Using the main frame for multi tasking..  

Happy building.


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Nice job! I liked how you

Nice job!

I liked how you added additional features to the robot especially white flashing tail lights.

Happy building to you too.

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