Concept autonomus Mini SUMO Robot

Concept autonomus Mini SUMO Robot
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This is an autonomous mini sumo robot made out of homemade IR Sensors and plastic motors.

The Modules/parts used are


1. Two homemade IR Sensor (TSOP 1738 with IR LED) for object detection.

2 Two reflective photo sensor (rpr-220) for edge detection.




Programmed using a homemade parallel port programmer.


Programming language C.

AVR Studio


Motor Driver:


Frequency generator:

IC NE555 for generating frequency on IR Led.


Two LI-Po battery (11.1 V 500mah).


Two BO plastic motors (300 RPM) with corresponding plastic wheels.


This is called Concept as because it cannot compete in sumo robot competitions because of the following reasons.

1. IR Sensors are not capable of detecting BLACK object.

2. IR Sensors range is about 30cm for white object and 20cm for other objects. (Sumo ring is 77cm so need at least two sharp range finders 10~80 cm and less vulnerable to black object)

3. Plastic motors has less torque and the plastic wheels(thin) are skidding like anything (visible in the video).

4. Lastly the size is not exactly 10cmx10cm it is about 12cmx12cm.(disqualified frown)

[The size increase is because of the motor I have used]


I can not find any good quality small size motors in India so just used the plastic one because of its small size.

a modified full rotation servo can be used but the robot will be slow as it will rotate around 70 RPM.


I will try to build a tutorial and add source code if any one interested.


Embedded video:
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See video
See video


Gadget-Fan's picture

Home made!

Hi Game-seek. My compliments. That is what I call, a real "home-made job" Lots of man hours and inguinity put in there. Well done. When are you going to follow up with the tutorial? Members are keen to see that. Its now more than a year ago. Any modifications to the orginal?       

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Could you please post a tutorial of this robot? It would really help a lot in our SUMObot project. thank you. 

game_seek's picture


Thanks. I will put a detailed tutorial as soon as possible.

Yes you are right. I am also keen to see the robot inside the ring all the time it runs.

I found some reasons for "Ring out".

1. Motor precision.

2. Skiddy wheels.

3. High speed.

4. Edge sensor sensitivity is little bit less.


I need to find or make good sticky wheels and need to find good precision motors to cover up first three points as because i dont want to compromise speed.

I am keeping the motor and wheel problem aside for now as good motors like maxon or escap need to be imported and going to cut my pocket heavily.

I will try to increase the sensor sensitivity through code as i have defend some constants for ADC threshold value.

I am also not very sure about the idia will work or not. (I am very new to robotics). But may be it worth giving a try.

Any other ideas?

david_robofreak's picture

Nice work

Nice work

could you please post a tutorial on how to make this robot ?



kawal's picture

Nice job !!

Did you check out pololu micro metal gear motors available at rhydolabz ?

Btw I liked your work very much.The only problem is your robot goes out of the ring a little bit.

And yes i would be happy to see a tutorial posted on how to build this robot.

Can you please add the images in between the content and not in attachment ? Because that would make your post look good.

Thanks for posting :)


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