Gun Holding by a Super Terminator (G.H.O.S.T)

Gun Holding by a Super Terminator (G.H.O.S.T)


GHOST Features

  • Ghost is an all terrain locomotive prototype specially designed for military purpose.
  • Its locomotion unit has 2 pairs of tracked type wheels and 4 flipper wheels along with flipper arms.
  • flipper wheels and its arm used to overcome the obstacles present on its way.
  • Its is a super solider in the warfield equipped either with a fully-automatic firearm or a semi-automatic fire arm of any type.
  • It is also equipped with a non-lethal weapon which generates low frequency infrasound waves. As these waves are out of the range of human hearing abiliy it cannot be identified but these waves shows an adverse effect on humans like feeling dizzy, discomfort, disorientation, nausea, vomiting, etc. so it is used as a weapon over the enemy troops.
  • It can detect landmines with the help of proximity sensors. these sensors will always be incontact with the ground for detection.
  • A gripper arm which is used in the bomb diffusion sector for handling explosive devices like landmines, IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices), etc.
  • High power LED lights are used for surveillance during night time and also for missions at under ground tunnels.
  • It can move into small tunnels of different shapes and sizes at any dimensions. If the tunnel is inclined or vertical then the robot uses its flipper  to hold in tight at one face whereas the main wheels will hold the other face of the tunnel and thus maintaining a constant grip for the robot during critical operations.
  • It is completely flexible so it can be altered depending on its usage.  



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