V.I.P.E.R - EQUATOR 2G & 3G ( Very Intelligent Paired Enhanced Robot - EarthQUake evacuATOr Robot 2nd and 3rd Generation)

V.I.P.E.R - EQUATOR 2G & 3G ( Very Intelligent Paired Enhanced Robot - EarthQUake evacuATOr Robot 2nd and 3rd Generation)



VIPER-EQUATOR 2G & 3G ( Very Intelligent Paired Enhanced Robot - EarthQuake evacUATOr Robot 2nd and 3rd Generation )

VIPER EQUATOR 2GThe 2nd Generation of EQUATOR is bigger than the 1st one it made from 4mm steel plate same like truck. The weight of this robot is about 19 kg without car battery ( the 2nd and 3rd generation are powered by car battery 12V 45 Ah ), the weight of the 2nd one w/ car battery is about 34 kg. It has the same mobilization concept with the prototype, it used track tank because tank has a bigger power and torque but it move slower than wheel.This robot was made for International Robotic Olympiad 2011 in Indonesia on December 2011. I need 3 months to make this robot on my uncle workshop. But especially 3 days before competition this robot can’t move as I thought, the move of this robot is less than 5 cm / minute!! With depression and stressful I must find another solution in 3 days!! So, finally I ask all of my friend are their have any toy car with car battery for children with 30 kg or less. Finally one of my friend give his car toy to me. At that time ( evening ) I clean the toy car ‘cause it already place for 10 years in his garage. After I clean the toy car I test the motor and luckily it moves!! So, in the morning I go to my uncle workshop and make some renovation on my robot I change the mobilization system and it shape. Finally it finish it move faster than I thought and I won the 3rd place on voting in Kaskus, got a technical award on International Robotic Olympiad. Many competitors from other country praise about my robot they’re impressed with my robot and I'm very happy about it :D

The Specification of the 3rd Generation:


Length  : 90 cm

Width : 70 cm

Height : 78 cm

Weight : 40 kg

Volume of Water : 4 litres

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nik-mod's picture

Oh we have an International star in our midst.


 They do say that neccessity is the Mother of all invention.

 You have my heartiest congratulation not only on winning a place but having the courage and conviction when under extreme stress to carry on regardless.

Any chance of a movie clip showing the Bot in action., whilst you are at it may I suggest you put this piece in the content competition, that Y-Geo is sponsoring, with just afew more details and photographs.

 Thank you and again congratulations.

  Site Moderator for

Jayanto's picture

Thank You :D

Thank You sir :D

Now, I'm still busy developing my battle robot for some competition on April. Maybe after the preparation of those competition I'll start developing the 4th Generation of this robot I've already had some idea to modificate this robot :D

kawal's picture

Great work Jayanto !

Great work Jayanto !

I really liked the tank design

Best of luck for the next competition.

Jayanto's picture

Thank You :D

Thank you sir :D

Yeah I think the tank is cooler than the wheeled one but actually if I want to use the tank I'll need some modification on it's sprocket and change the motor which has higher torque but actually it's hard to find it :P

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