VIPER-IRS ( Indonesia Robot Shooter )

VIPER-IRS ( Indonesia Robot Shooter )


V.I.P.E.R—IRS ( Very Intelligent Paired Enhanced Robot—Indonesia Robot Shooter ) is a very intelligent paired enhanced robot.

It has many functions it can change human in Olympiad, war, and be an anti– terror.  I get the idea to make this robot from watching TV and googling about terrorist. I use V.I.P.E.R for the Main board or also well known as motherboard, aluminum & aluminum base profile for the material, Automatic gun for the weapon.

Switch to make it safety from short circuit, 4 DC Motors LE for the motor so it can be move fast like a running soldier,   RF RC 2,4 GHz ( Radio Frequency Remote Control 2,4 GHz ) to control it so I can control it in 100metres up to 200metres. This robot was friendly user and safety, So it can be use by men or women, young or old, beginner or expert, etc.  

Hope we can enhance it to be better than now :D


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 I have seen versions of this kind of weapons carrying robopt in a number of places (LIbya was the latest.)

There are a number of problems with this one that need thinking thro.

1} Where is the gun aiming at?  the controller cannot "see" what the muzzle is pointing at.

2} It is not going to operate on your lovely tiled living room floor soit needs better terrain handling

3} the base is too small to handle the recoil of that weapon on single shot let alone short bust (3 round fire ) or full chat. 

4} you need afrequeny of controller that is NOT redilly available so it cannot be "swamp Janmmed" by some hobbiest  toy gadjet like "Tele-be-gone"


As a by-stander I would be VERY careful about who knows about this bit of hobby kit the security services in your location may take a VERY dim view of it and also the local "bad guys" might decide to make you help them BE careful out there .
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Thank You :D

Thank you for your advice, sir. We ( A.I.R - Indonesia ) will develop this robot to be better than this generation ( 2nd ). But actually now we're still focusing on our project to make an evacuator robot for participate in IRO 2011 and also planning and preaparing our team to participate in SRG 2012. So, we pending to enhanced this robot. We already want to make the 3rd generation of this robot from a long time but actually we have a routinity beside robotic and a low budget, 'cause now we're still in the senior high school. On the 3rd generation we want to change the material and dimension of this robot to the stronger and bigger to minimalize recoil effect, we also change the mobillisation system and make it amphibious, add some camera w/ night vision and thermal, and change the control system to this robot to prevent "jamming".

So, Thank you for your response and advice,sir. That help us to make the next generation of this robotsmiley.





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source of inspiration


Thinking on from what you said, I remembered I had seen this link cross my desk .

 I hope it will encourage you to go further & develope your skills further:-


I have seen war at the sharp end it is not pretty or clever and anything to save a fellow humans life is good by me because there but for the Grace of God I would be listed as KIA.

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@ REX & Admin : Thank U all this robot is very far from perfect it has many weakness to but I'll try to decrese the weaknesses and enhance it to be better than now :D

@david : Yeah, I must be careful 'cause in Indonesia there's so many terrorism, so this is why I want to cr8 this robot I want to help government to catch them without make any police or anti-terror hurt or die 'cause human life is very invaluable so u can change any human life right? :D

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Only 1 word

I got one word for you,



Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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Terrorists beware

Terrorists beware

Nice work.

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Thats cool !!

Thats cool !!

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