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So heres a simple object avoider robot using arduino and robot builder's shield V2.


I used a DVD for the robot base and used some double sided tape for mounting components like servo,sensor,arduino,etc

Plastic gear motors on the base


A castor wheel in front.


Robot builder's shield V2 stacked on top of arduino.






I''ll upload the video tomorrow


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information req

Hi Kawal I finish to build my ouw robot and all works very good !!! thanks !

QUESTIONS 1) ; Can I put 2 sharp in paralell ?
2) ; Can I change the GP2D12 for Long range GP2Y0A02YK0F IR Sharp ?

If yes on question 1 ou 2 , do I have to change the code ?

Thanks for your help

Canadian Robot

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Nice to know about your build !

1.Yes you can add 2 sharp sensors(both will need different analog pin).


3.If you only replace the GP2D12 with long range GP2Y0A02YK0F IR Sharp  then the code will be same and if you add an additional sensor i.e. total 2 sharp sensors then the code will slightly change.

Hope to see your robot  soon :)


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Help !!


HI Kawal , thank you for your fast reply !!

Please can you help me to modify the code to add two long range sharp IR with the robot shield that you sold me

I'm sorry but I do not understand well the software and you seem like a programming expert
Thank you for your help !!!
Canadian Robot
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Yes sure i can help you with

Yes sure i can help you with the code but please start a new forum post and add all details like what do you want your sensors to do and what other components are you using.

Till then you can refer this code of object tracker which uses two sharp GP2D12 sensors.



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cool,  Done, please check on

cool,  Done, please check on my post on forum under programming


Thanks for your help !!


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add info

Hello Kawal, please can you send me the complete code for this robot ?

also do you know how and where I can add a regular N/O bumber switch on the code ?

Thanks to help me !

Michel, Canada

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You can see the code

You can see the code here

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Thanks !!!!!!!!



Canadian Robot

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I just want  to know where I can plug on the shield the servo, motors, and IR ?




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servos and sensor

Check this comment.In that there is an image which explains you how and where to connect the servos and sensors.

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