It uses 3 sensors .i.e. 1 SRF05 and 2 GP2D12 to detect objects and decide whether the object should be picked up or it should be avoided.GP2D12 were not stable enough so i soldered ..50uF capacitorsbetween the ground and Vcc.I used a 10 RPM Dc gear motor for the arm.fgfg

It gives around 8-9 Kg of torque at 9V . For using this motor i used a  L293D motor driver otherthan the onein main board and made connections on the breadboard. Since i didn't had any of the digital outputs left i used the digital inputs and converted them to digital outputs for controlling the arm motor

The gripper is homemade:


External L293D motor driver circuit:


Top view:

Embedded video:
See video


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well its amzing we can use

well its amzing we can use this robort for helping in so amny things its diffrent shape is creally better .

Locksmith Plymouth


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Hi, Sorry, I may have asked


Sorry, I may have asked the wrong question there. Probably something to do with the cider I was drinking when I wrote it.

What I was trying to ask, is how can sensors know the difference between an object to be avoided and an object to be picked up.

I have used an SRF05 along with my picaxe, I have never used any sharps at all.

I'm working on a project, where I'd like my robot to pick things up like yours does. I'll post some information and pictures too, once I have the time.

Thanks for the reply to my question though.



Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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Its quite simple.You can do

Its quite simple.You can do this by using three sensors.

Suppose you have placed three sensors infront of your robot as below

SENSOR 1                      SENSOR 2                      SENSOR 3

So if Sensor 2 detects an object infront of it and at the same time sensor 1 and sensor 3 doesn't detect any object infront of them i.e.the distance is greater than the sensor 2 then it means that there is an object(infront of sensor 2) which can be picked up.You can use 6 to 8 combinations in such way.

And if all the three sensors have nearly same readings or any two of the sensors have nearly same readings then it means there is an object which cannot be picked.As in the case of wall.Whenever a robot will come infront of the wall then  all the three sensors will have nearly same readings(have to be debugged and set accordingly ) and the robot will know that there is a wall or something that cannot be picked up.

I will make a image and post it here tomorrow which would be easier for you to understand.

Hope it helps.

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Yeah, That helps a lot. I'm


That helps a lot. I'm more confident now. I'll have a think about this and see if I can get it right in my mind before I start doing anything.


Thanks for the help.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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I like this


I like this. I've been thinking of something similar to this. Could you explain more about how you can avoid an object, or pick one up? Please keep it simple though, I'm fragile when it comes to complicated.

Maybe you could post the Picaxe code?



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Not as complicated as it looks

I know the wire mess must have made you think that its complicated but it is not.

For avoiding the objects you will need a sensor like infrared,analog,ultrasonic, or you can make some cheap sensors(as low as $2 to $3) using LDR and LED at home.

Analog sensors are quite popular for avoiding objects but if you need accurate distance measurement then Ultrasonic sensors should be used.

The picaxe code ? Sorry i have misplaced the code(my pc crashed) and also that code was just a test and it was not worth looking at.The robot is not yet completed.I have to do lots of modifications on that robot.

However i can guide you in programming at every step.

P.S : I am making a tutorial on how to make an object avoider and it will be soon posted.(maybe that would explain you better about avoiding objects ?)


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