Homemade tracked vechicle

Homemade tracked vechicle


UPDATE 17/03/2012 : Uploaded video

This tracked vechicle(Its actually not a robot yet so thats why i'll call it a vechicle for time being) is  made using acrylic.The tracks are made using bicycle chains and M3 nylon nuts and M3 bolts.

Currently  it has nothing in it except two high torque dc geared motors.Electronics are yet to be added.

I am planning to control it with a homemade remote control using xbees,some analog joysticks,pushbuttons,etc.

Each motor outputs around 7 Amp current when stalled so for that i will need a high current motor driver.I am referring this tutorial for making one at home.It seems to be a easy and cheap way for a high current motor driver.It should be completed in 2 days(hopefully).

So here are some selected images from the time i started making this tracked vechicle.You can view the complete set of images on Flickr channel.

M3 Nylon nuts and M3 bolts

Cutting acryclic strips for making treads(It was quite a hectic work).Its better that i had few small cutting disks for my drill machine. 

These are the wheels on which the tracks are placed.

First track completed.Each track took approx. 1 to 2 days.

This is the chassis made using acryclic.The final chassis has some minor changes(Sorry for the blurry image).

Completed.The top cover is removable for mounting electronics inside it.

Side view.

Thats it for now.I'll shoot a video when it is remote controlled and that would take more than a week.

------------ UPDATE ------------------- 11/03/2012

Electronic components added:

1.Arduino uno


3.Motor driver


5.11.1V Lipo

Embedded video:
See video


entozoon's picture

Fantastic :)

I love this tutorial and am currently buying everything I need to replicate it!

I know it's an old post but I'd love to know more about the motors. I will be controlling it with a raspberry pi via some decent relays to pump power straight into them from a battery.. but don't really know much about motors in order to buy good strong ones!

I'm looking at these: http://ebay.eu/1pcW0HL  - I figure 100rpm is probably a good speed to turn the wheels, but how do I know if they're strong enough? I reckon I'd use 8 rechargable AA batteries as a power supply.

Any advice from you or any reader would be so helpful!

prat's picture

Thats pretty Cool! Whats the

Thats pretty Cool!

Whats the current rating of motor driver ?

kawal's picture

The motor driver is capable

The motor driver is capable of handling continous current upto 5A each motor.

Rex's picture

I too have had an idea like

I too have had an idea like this Kawal. Mine involves the use of 2 vehicle timing chains on each side and sprockets.

The timing chains will be the double type, like in the picture below

There will be 2 of these on each side of the vehicle connected like Kawal's are with treads, the sprocket will be located in the centre turning both sets of 2.

I've not had the time to build this, but was hoping if I posted it here, someone else might take up the challenge. I'd love to see it built.

If someone does make this, then please give me a shout. I've wanted to do this for ages, but just not had the time. Really want to see this idea working.


Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

kawal's picture

Thats a nice idea

 I may use this idea for my next tank bot.Sprockets are far better than wheels.

Btw does that double type chain exists or you engineered something ? Google search led me nowhere.

Rex's picture

The double chains are in use

The double chains are in use on a lot of vehicles, although I can't name which ones. I think most are now using belts, but there are still plenty of engines using chains and most are double. I might be wrong, but think BMW only use chains. (They don't have to be replaced as often as belts.)

The sprockets are a double too, so if you or I where to visit a scrap yard, find the right engine, you should be able to take the chain and also get 2 double sprockets off the cams, which will be the same size.

The chains tend to be very long, so would need splitting, shortening and re-joining. Depending on the size of the vehicle you're making, you might get 2 tracks from 1 chain.

My original idea was to make something to pull a car. I would need sprockets for this, so they don't slip in the chain. It's still a project I want to do, but lack the time, money and tools, so watch this space, it'll happen 1 day.


Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

jeff smith's picture

Awesome creativity i really

Awesome creativity i really appreciate this, keep the good work up :)


Jayanto's picture


especially sir if you use 2 DC Motors make it cross system like real tank as usual. likethis : one on the front of left side and the other one on the back of right side :D

Alex's picture

great job! i will take the

great job! i will take the idea :D
so, what do u gonna use to control it?

kawal's picture


I am going to use a custom controller to control it.

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