Window cleaning Robot

Window cleaning Robot


Over the recent years, many researchers have been involved in the process of developing wall climbing robots that would relieve humans from laborious and dangerous work such as cleaning windows in tall buildings, installing equipment and headlights at high positions, painting, inspection and repairing at high or dangerous positions. The window cleaning profession includes keeping windows, mirrors and other surfaces as clean as possible.  A window cleaner has the risk of stepping on soap/water or falling due to imbalance. Also some failure of the platform or its connections is possible which means that the window cleaner may falloff a building which could mean sever injury or death.Therefore the development of a window cleaning robot will prove useful to humans in both fulfilling the labor requirement and the safety concern. A window cleaning robot should be able to clean windows at any altitude and under any circumstance with a very high efficiency.

The window cleaning robot is mainly depending on two mechanisms in its movement. The first one is concerned with the ability to move from one point to the next along the same straight line. While the second one is to support its function of being able to move along a perpendicular wall without falling, this one depends on suction cups. Both mechanisms are mentioned in more details below.


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