Crawler (Not yet named)

Crawler (Not yet named)


Work in Progress.


The code is still to be tweaked. Working on it since long. Will post the details once done.

Update : 16 March '12

I have not been able to find much time to update this. Following are some more pictures of how it was build up.

The parts of the Crawler chassis with the tracs assembled in advance. I bought this from Robosoft

The motors are metal gearbox 78 RPM high torgue. The older 150 rpm opnes were not able to run it with rubber lugs. So i went in for more powerful motros.

I make my crawler sit on a thick book with its tracks in the air and keep updating the program till it runs as I want it to.

Above is the self made L293 based Motor driver. It can run 2 DC motors. I also have added headers so that it is convinient to connect the junpers. I have added two jumpers to control the Enable pin of the IC. If required the jumpers can be unplugged and the Enable pin can be hooked to PWM pins of Ardunio for Acceleration control.


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See video


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Nice tracks mtaram. Looking

Nice tracks mtaram.

Looking forward to your robot's progress.

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Nice robot mtaram.Why dont

Nice robot mtaram.


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Still working on the code,

Still working on the code, too high threshold and it keeps rotating and too less then it just bumps into obstacles. Need to fine tune the code and add acceleration control and also the code to halt and pull back if it faces an obstruction headon... will post update soon...

MtaraM (aka Utkarsh)

Solution Architect by profession, Engineer by thought.

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