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My Robot



I've been promising to put my robot on here, so now here it is,


It started as a robot to navigate around using ultrasonics as a sensor. It has since evolved. It still has the ultrasonics, but also has infrared, to home in onto a beacon.


Close up, of one of the ir detectors.


But I'm not finished yet. Bigtrak (the base for my robot) was a childhood toy, that no longer worked and bigtrak had an accessory. Bigtrak had a trailer with a tipping mechanism.



The tipping mechanism was broken, so now it's operated by a servo


The trailer plugs into Bigtrak via a stereo jack, so it allows 360 degree rotation while still maintaining electrical contacts.


I have added a 3 tier expansion board onto the back. At the moment this houses a voltage regulator, power switch, battery monitor and a port for programming.


Eventually it will have some more gizmos on there, such as a picaxe 08 to control headlights when it's dark, that kind of thing.



Recently, I have bought this USB programmable robotic arm


It's programmable to some extent. It can be plugged into a pc, which tells it to move the joints for a set amount of time, so there's no feed back on where the joints are positioned, like you would have with a servo.

I'm hoping to eventually have this robot arm attached to my trailer, so it can pick things up, dump them in the trailer, drive them off somewhere and tip them out.


What I'd like, is a robot that'll play fetch. I throw a small ball with an ir led in it. The robot scoots off, picks it up, places it in it's trailer, brings it back to me and tips it out.

I realise this is a long way off, but it's something to work towards.


Thanks for reading,




The video here shows an early up and running robot

Embedded video:
See video


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Maplin the hobby shop in the UK now has BigTraK Jnr for 10UKP off the original asking price of 29UKP



Bigtrak, the programmable robot rover is back in a new avatar, “Bigtrak Junior,” a smaller version of the original programmable toy. Mapped on the famous retro toy of the eighties, Bigtrak Junior has enhanced functionality while exhibiting all the existing features of its predecessor. The Bigtrak Junior is future-ready, can travel up to 20 metres, and allows you to pre-programme and store 32 commands. Other standard features of this six-wheeled vehicle that has a keypad on the top body include 16 programmable commands that you can execute in sequence, such as "go forward 6 lengths, turn 30 degrees right, and pause.” Embark on exciting missions with the Bigtrak Junior’s ‘active accessory port’ via which you can plug-in the latest add-ons like the foam rocket launcher or a digital camera.

Rocket Launcher sold separately

Bigtrak Junior Dimensions:
15cm (6”) Wide, 20cm (8”) Long, 9cm (3.5”) High
Weight: Approx. 800g with batteries


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Great to see it in action

Great to see it in action !



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bigtrack source in UK


 if anyone is UK based and wants to use this base Maplin sell it:-


Amazon  have cheaper and arange of other bits to fit on it.


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I am a great fan of  6WD

I am a great fan of  6WD robots and from where did you buy bigtrak ?

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Hi David,   I should say

Hi David,


I should say it's only 2 wheel drive, the other 5 motors are in the robot arm.

I've had my Bigtrak since 1981. I do have a new one that was re-released last year. They sell over here in the UK for about £30.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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this might help you

This might help you a bit:

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That looks like a great

That looks like a great product. I might have just the use for that.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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