Seek N' Sneak

Seek N' Sneak


The Seek N’ Sneak - an Arduino powered self-controlled robot which is able to run around, find objects, grab them, relocate them and do many other useful, funny and, brave things. 
The two driving wheels of this robot are powered by independently controlled DC motors allowing for precise control of the angular position of the wheel, as well as its velocity and acceleration.
The arm is run by 3 super-strong servo-motors, so it is fast and powerful enough to push up about 3 pounds, or even lift the robot itself or throw objects.  
The robot is also equipped with three infra-red proximity meters that prevent it from colliding with obstacles and avoiding conflicts with other robots. Also It assist in finding objects on the ground. 
You can also equip your robot with extra shield and sensors as the robot’s body has enough space for it. 
The most impressive thing is that the robot runs as a fully independent unit, thus, it can find and collect objects on the ground, it can chase and attack other robots you can make it organize your living space, placing things back in place whenever they are found where they should not be.
In other words, you are only limited by your imagination. 
The robot software is completely open sourced, so you can either use the original software which has already been developed for you,  or you can modify it as you please to meet your demands. You can then use commands like LOOK FOR AN OBJECT, GRAB or THROW instead of writing low-level code to control the sensors, motors and servos directly or develop your own way of thinking for the robot from scratch using the Arduino integrated development environment.  
No matter if you are an experienced programmer, a robotics fan, or a school teacher who wants to make his pupils get interested with robotics, the Seek N’ Sneak is a great way to learn about mechanics, electronics and programming… all in one! 
The robot is provided as a kit containing everything you need to complete the assembly of the robot.

Now I am ready to start the direct preparation to the KICKSTARTER campaign which will start in about one month.

Stay in touch if you like to take a part!


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The first generation of the

The first generation of the Seek N' Sneak robot is looking for bottles.

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Want to find out all the cool

Want to find out all the cool Seek N' Sneak videos?

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The Seek N' Sneak's arm is

The Seek N' Sneak's arm is run by 3 super-strong servo-motors, so it is fast and powerful enough to push up about 3 pounds, or even lift the robot itself or throw objects. Check it out!

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Check out the amaizing

Check out the amaizing functions controlling the Seek N' Sneak driving motors.

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