Well this is my daughter, Megan's pet 'bot she rescued him from a junk box at a car boot sale.We brought him home and cleaned him up only to find that his front wheel broken.

  She fed him a couple of fully charged AA batteries and he roared into life going nowhere fast. "Oh daddy can you please make his wheel work"  I mean what is a dad to do when she applies those big brown imploring eyes. So the following week end it was off to the model shop for an aircraft wheel to fit on Clap-1.




The shop did not have a real small wheel and the mounting for the best they had available was gonna need work, guess who was going to give up the blood sweat & tear Yup Dad.

So an hour with a file and wrenches plus some hot glue and Clap-1 got a new front wheel. Not the best fix but hey Megan loves it and so does Clap-1.

How come "Clap-1" well you clap once and Clap-1 will change direction and go into reverse gear. The big blob out front is a Microphone which when it bumps into an object translates as sound and promptly reverses the little guy into more trouble <BG>.

As to where Clap-1 originated no idea , circuitry is under the dome and frankly I am not going "to fix what ain't broke" in the mean time Megan uses it as a paper weight on her desk and occasionally remembers to feed it a fresh set of batteries


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That's a Cute Little Robot


 Yup cute is why Megan brought it home.I must admit the design is very neat, so neat that trying to get that front wheel in the right place so it did not look "too odd" was challange as it is, it looks like one of those Amercanized "chopper style " motorcycles.

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Thats a cute little robot

Thats a cute little robot  and good work with the front wheel.Your daughter might be very Happy.



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