well I ordered this way back last year and we had a delay in delivery from China to the UK agents which kept back the whole project. In the mean time we have worked on CLAP- 1 (now complete see write up ) & RoboTruck (still awork in progress).

The kit has been upgraded since the time of ordering and i did receive the updated parts BUT the CD that came with it was for the old kit. However knowing who designed the kit (oddbot) I got all the latest info from his site.

How is it going well the instructions are a little confusing in as much as part of the new manual is part of the old manual and written by probably a second party who did not follow the schematic identifying system but chose to call pieces to be used in another way.


Do not get me wrong it is still clear but you have to work at going back through the parts box & checking each item against the parts list and the numbering given by that rather than the part number on the assembly page.

The other odd thing for a supposedly beginners kit is that none of the resistors have their colour code given. Nit picking well I was probably spoilt by the superb attention to detail of the PICAXE SHIELD 401 which gave the numeric value and the corresponding colour codes to look for..

Assembling the compound eye for this robot was a straight forward task done in about an hour (tea drinking included)

The main board electronics is a bit more of a challenge at about 4 hours again having to dig around in the instructions for relavent bits and photo's that can be mis-interpreted slowed things down.

A typical example is that you are told to add all the electronic components first before adding the conectors(male & female ) to the board.. It made adding these bits very fiddly and time consuming, the smarter deal ,at least to me would be to put these on first as the board is then flat instead of lop-sided with different height components allowing movement whilst soldering connectors in place.


I promised some pictures :-







{Click on image to enlarge it }

The compound eye that is the main feature of Mr General in standard issue








{ Click on image to enlarge it }

The main board showing the object detection sensors on the 4 corners


Well am off to start the mechanical assembly & take some more pictures for you

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