Well this is just one of three projects that i have been tinkering with to get me prepared for the real ROBOT stuff.

The Main Chassis :-

Iis an old Maplins R/C 4X4 Monster truck that I bought 16 years ago and has sat in my daughters' bedroom for many a year.


Project Road Map:-

The concept is to make the truck as autonomous as possible without having to resort to using a microcontoller . it must also  DO more than travel across the floor.

A} switch on Headlights & tail lights if it goes into a shadowed area.

B} turn on indicators if turning left or right

C}  turn on Reversing lights if reversing and sound bleeper as warning

D} on approaching an object turn on wig/wag headlights

E} on closer approach turn on siren & turn on Police style roof bar lights

F} automatically reverse away on acurved course after a collision, pause and then go forward again.

G} During the pause Brake lights should come on

H} Stop immediatly if any wheel is in danger of going over a precepice and drive away from the Danger

I} all of this hopefully with analogue sensors and NO microcontoller


10mm LED's bright white installed on chassis as Head lights.









Amber Flashing LED's as Indicators mounted on the body work,

Red  LED Brake lights fitted as are the Red RED tail lights,

Reversing LEDs are Bright white.

LDR sensor fitted into the "blower" housing on the hood (the shiny bit in the middle )








Darkness sensor with 9V relay built & tested

Headlamp Wig-Wag (Flip Flop transistor circuit) built & tested

Police style Hazard bar circuit designed & tested.















In the above picture you can see the LDR hidden in the "blower" shroud & the police light flashing RED


In the picture below you can see the Police light flashing BLUE








too much to list LoL,  but the research and breadboarding is fun BUT waiting for parts is NOT

Thanks to:-

Well this site obviously :-}

Talking site & owner for making my research that much easier and sharing the circuits for free !

To my long time friend Mark, owner of  ,for his long standing patience with answering dumb electronic based questions when my brain refuses to remember stuff I did 40 years ago.

Brentford Radio Control for the helpful hints on Police colours & stickers

Last but by no means least Camala (my lovely wife of nearly 30 years ) for helping me come to terms with my failing health and indulging me in this "new" hobby. Also to my two daughter Samantha Jane and Megan  Annalise for loaning me the Truck and  "Dad can you talk about something else PLEASE "

Embedded video:
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See video


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Long time no joy


After my recent illness and the long recovery time from its effects I have managed to do some work on the truck circuits.

The new lighting can be seen here :-


 The old version lights were working well but the UK now have police vehicles with strobing two colour grill & light bars on the roof. I figured this was a good enought reason to stretch my rust clad brain so set about designing & researching the idea.

 I will put the new circuit diagram and the PCB design on here.


The PCB designing is not new to me, back in the day we used a special tape and Mylar film to make 10X sized drawings and then photo shrunk them now it is easy you use SPRINT LAYOUT a brilliant bit of cheap PCB  design software from Germany took me a day to get my head round it !

I must say I did get a LOT of help from Marek Kuczynski who told me about Sprint (I had been using Fritzing but found it was a bit "Dated" and he was having trouble  with its lack of refinement for producing Gerber & Excellon drill files for his CNC milling machine that he uses to produce the PCB 's for people.)

If you need one offs or a production run for your PCB's I would not hesitate in recommending Marek  you can contact him at

<marek.kuczynski at>

You can find details of Sprint layout here:-


Hope that proves useful to you all back to the work bench


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Any progress on the RoboTruck


 Not seeing you on here of late and no up dates the VPN is playing up as well this end.

Sam said the wireless link has been Iffy when she pinged Blossom did you get it sorted yet ?



            In the Center of Sunny Trinidad AMEN

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Newspaper article


 Nice truck but I read this on the internet :-



            In the Center of Sunny Trinidad AMEN

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Re:-Newspaper article


 you have mixed with that Englishman for too long you have his sense of humour.

 Made me laugh for sure the he "was miffed" made my day stll grinning thinking on it

Well done

  Site Moderator for

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Newspaper the truth is out there somewhere

Hi Don,

 Hee Hee you cannot believe everything you read in newspapers especially ones written on April 1st and in the future LoL

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Lights Camera Action


 well I added the video of the Q car lights in the new grill



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RoboTrucks new colours


 well after lots of fiddling about I have the look i want for the RoboTruck.









{ Click to enlarge }


The body shell stripped of all Maplins "wild" decals and the cab "glass" removed, bit disappointed with the glass section as it does not permit Infra-red transmission through it Grrr.

The body shell does but not the cab section as that is all tinted glass effect. I had hoped to put sensors in that section never mind have to just go away sulk & think of something else.

Because of the "sun roof" is not level with the cab roof I have had to use Milliput epoxy putty as a filler to make the roof appear to be one piece.

Milliput is like "bondo" but for model cars etc. same 2 pack set up sets over night to machinable hardness capable of being finished to afine surface with 1200 grade wet/dry paper before painting.







{ Click to enlarge }

As you see the roof now is flat with its white panel & fluorescent spot for the night vision cameras used in police helicopter identification along with the area  and vehicle fleet number.







{ Click to enlarge }

As with most emergency vehicles in the UK the sides have flourescent panels at the side for when used as a road block.


{ Click to enlarge }

Here you can see the Flourescent tail markings and the fact that I have removed the rear bumper to be fitted with reversing lights.


Well that is about it for now



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Police lights

Where did the police lights go from top of the truck ? 

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Police lights


 One step at a time  LoL. the truck is under going a major chop for the Grill so Q car style lights will show and then I can place  the top lights properly which will be on the raised section of cab roof so the overhead decals show as per the picture


Just to give you an idea of what is being done, the top picture is the old solid plastic "grill" the lower one is the real mesh grill to allow the Q car lights to be seen once they are fitted . The plastic mounting cases are cooling ( I used PolyMorph as housings for the Q lights) and it takes awhile to harden properly. then mount the lights in their housings and Hot glue them in place if I have it right .


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RoboTruck nude

Spent the afternoon removing the Decals from RoboTruck to go into its Police style colours:-

Picture of the Nude truck :-







{ click to enlarge}

next step putting the hazard stripes etc on oh the joy ...............

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