Arduino - Breadboard hookup

Arduino - Breadboard hookup


I have been facing lot of issues with so many hookup wires running between the breadboard and the controller board. A small shake at times dislodges the cables and things stop to work. This inspired me to make hookup cables which do not get dislodged with small shakes and movements.

This is what it looks like

2012-02-06 15.43.08

This is a nice rugged setup when a lot of cables need to run between the arduino and the breadboard.

I made these because I could not find male to male jumper with headers for cheap. This works good for me and was made from the spares that I had lying around.

These can be made in a couple of minutes.

Parts needed are: ribbon cable, male headers, solder wire and soldering iron.

2012-02-06 15.39.15

Cut out desired length of ribbon cable in group of 6. Arduino has output in group of six. This will work for any other board too just the number of wires that are to be kept together will be different.

Clip the make header pins in group of 6 and solder to each end.

And you are good to go.

To make the soldered ends more secure i taped the solder joints with foam tape from both ends. This way the solder points dont hurt the fingers and also the joints are kept intact and are insulated too.

2012-02-06 15.40.21 2012-02-06 15.43.23


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LASER scanners

Nice work on the Truck, I cant wait to see it in action. Wish you all the best for your health and completing of the truck.

I made the scanners to make vector projections. Holograms are a long way to go. My earlier one that I posted in CoR is based on motors hnece only circular forms. This one is with full XY controls but I dont seem to get a perfect fir of components. But it still is a long way from where I started.

I have seen a CO2 LASER once in action. It used more than 6 feet tall power houses to power it up and it melted anything that came in its way. The lenses were specially gold plated so that they didnt melt.

I turned a inch of thick plastic to fumes in matter of seconds. That was long way back in 2000 when I was in school and went to a research institute for a trip.

That was a day LASERs changed the way I thought :).

All the best to you.

I am sure that the hookup cables you would make would definitely be better than these. I tried to get M/M jumper wires but these were expensive online and not locally available so out of the dire need I made these.

MtaraM (aka Utkarsh)

Solution Architect by profession, Engineer by thought.

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Laser scanner


Yup gas powered lasers are the big boys toys for sure as for the power room hee hee there is a story from my early days when i was in R & D for government sponsered think tank outfit.

The laser room was a hundred feet long and on the left inside the main chamber was the power cage.

 This was an almighty capacitor bank with brass bars for wires it was all shielded in a farraday cage with mesh of abour 3" squares is suppose.

 Nay way one day we had a visitiing  maintenace man who was working over the room and he dropped his 12" cresent wrench (a King Dick brand) into the cage the explosion was heard in the next research block 100 ft away.

 we all turned to see what had happened, the mechanic was clutching aroof beam and no one could get him off it. They had to call a doctor to give him an injection to relax his muscles so he could be taken down and looked after.

What happened to the spanner well we found where it fell as there were scorch marks of the outline of the spanner but metal we found none completely vapourised.

As for your control I would have thought amodified 2D  CNC router mechanism would do just fine and be easily converted to 3 axis later if you wanted. Either MAKE or Instructables had some stuff on those you could read up and pick out what you liked.


Thanks for the good wishes as to my health, the snow here is doing me no favours for sure. The truck is coming along quite nicely had to re-think some of the hardware though but hey its a challenge could not ask for anything better to while a way the time

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king D**** brand

I liked the brand name. The capacitor bank vaporised the king d**** . It sure was some power bank. I sure would look aroung for routermechanism or try making one. Have read loads about these on instructables.

I have been reading alot since i was a kid about all these and now that I have the time and the availability to really do it. not to mention the cash part :P

One thing that i liked about your truck is no microcontroller at all and the simplicity of the sensor circuits.

Having read about circuit design as a kid now all that makes sense and falls in place.

MtaraM (aka Utkarsh)

Solution Architect by profession, Engineer by thought.

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King Dick tool brand UK


 No need to be timid and politically correct about this brand see:-


for the history of the company that exported its tools across what was then British Empire stiill being produced today and used in some of englands most treasured brand name manufacturing plants

  Site Moderator for

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King Dick

Hi Nik & Y_Geo.

                Since Y-Geo keeps me posted about what he has been doing whilst he is England and was kind enough to help me out last summer to get my Bike sorted I thought it was the laeast I could do but join the Community here.

I met Y-Geo some what 30+ years ago   andI sold my original Bultaco to him and we have remained friends even if he did sell it on some years later without telling me (Just rubbing it in G ) to buy that bike he won so many races and bets with at the saturday night street drags .Fond memories of our mis-spent youth.

Oh yeh whats this got to do with King Dick well Y_Geo. took my K.D.Cresent wrench & flung it in the river on a trail ride after he caught me using it on the bike he had bought and I was using for the last time.

I suppose I would be the same if I caught a fellow dentist using a      Dremel tool in a    patients mouth LoL. One thing I learned from him "right tool for the right job = right result"

He is always coming up with something weird & wonderful like the wedding present of the X109 project for our new home. (X10 is a mains powered network that can control ectrical items remotely ie my coffee pot can be switched on from the bed side despite the fact it is in the Kitchen downstair )


My hobby is mostly riding my two bikes the one in the picture for off road (you kinda get that from the shot LoL) The other is an FZR which I bought whilst I did some studying in Canada a couple of years back. Y-Geo said they were fun (I would like him to be wrong occassionally :-}


Catch you all later




            In the Center of Sunny Trinidad AMEN

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Great Minds think a like


 Grr you beat me to it, I bought the longer double header pins and the premade ribbon cable to make up a far neater cable layout for the inside of RoboTruck which was looking like Spaghetti .I also made up on Vero board (matrix board) a set of sockets that run along the copper track so that there are say 8 positive lead sockets and 8 negative lead pins plus as many signal leads as I require as a central distribution of power etc


I will take picture later when they are all in place .


Whats with the X-Y laser note you added 3d Scanner , holograms?

Did some work with lasers in an R & D lab back in the sixties but it has all changed since then .we used Man made Rubies to create the "lase" effect and then specially made lens/reflectors. Some were gas fired some water cooled and asfety well lets say we did it by feel , having accidently cut thro a 1" thick bit of steel backing plate while cutting initials in a Razor blade  held 3ft from it and found distinct damage on the far wall 60 ft away. not far from where atech was drinking tea .LoL


Now you can buy hand held lasers that can blind you for 99 cents at the corner store. does not take too much really to make it cut up the cooling of the laser material itself.cannot say to much it is after all an open forum and terrorist are clever enough to picnse out of non-sense.



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