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            Well following the posting here about the Picaxe / arduino compatible shields PCB kit I decided to buy one to see just how compatible it really is. After all at 12.50 UKP (including the govt theft of 20% VAT) not a high price to pay for being able to mate a Picaxe base to a whole slew of Arduino Shields of various flavours.

The kit is in the picture you can buy them pre-assembled ( but nil stock at present) PLUS with this kit you get a developement board that looks very "lilypad in style", not sure yet if i will use it straight off as I like my breadboard versatility (ie. I can screw up & fix in seconds no soldering/ solder wicking etc.) perhaps once I have decided on a more "permanent "circuit of some kind I will use the developement board to hold it.


The one odd thing at least to my way of thinking is that the 90 degree connectors to add plug-ins (5 pin) are an optional extra BUT the web buying page


has no facility to "tick" that requirement if you want it you have to hunt back thro the site add to basket (watch out for time outs). bit frustrating & time consuming. may be you have to join the frequent buyers list or something.

when i put it together I will add the phot's and show some of the shields i have connected to it.



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Picaxe shield 401 & proto shield 405



 well as promised i put the picaxe 401 shield and the free axe 405 proto board kit together.

The board is easy to work on no problems with dirty solder pads , every thing is labeled on the PCB. The instructions are VERY clear so those whose resistor codes are not quite up to scratch are helped by the instructions as to value = colour bands. The resistors are cleanly painted in colours that are visible to the naked eye (cannot say that of all the stuff I have bought in the past where brown & red were very close in colour match:-{  )

I still cannot get over how tiny this and the arduino uno I bought are, yet they are not anoyingly fiddly to populate and handle.

The andraoid Xperia mini slide phone is shown to give some idea of size

On the left  the AXE401 and the right is the FREE AXE405 proto shield

that comes when you buy the AXE401 shield


Please note the kit comes with BLACK jumper blocks the COLOURED  ones shown are from my own source just to make it easier to remember which does what

Although the socket for the MicroController chip is shown empty the chip does come with the kit. However I do not like handling chips away from an ESD station so It remains in it ESD packing until rock & roll time.


Rating for ease of purchase 8/10

(see above notes about option purchases)

Rating for ease of assembly 10/10

Rating for assembly notes 9/10

the one point deducted is that the PDF is "sealed" and that the font is too small when printed out

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