Arduino Uno board from Phenoptix

Arduino Uno board from Phenoptix


I went to this company to buy an Arduino Uno board that my wife was buying for me for Christmas gift (thank you Camala) The order was placed via Ebay and paypal at about 14.30. yesterday and this morning it is on my desk.


Good price, well packed and as good as their word Quick delivery, remember this is christmas post time as well.

Would i shop with them again yes i would and before you ask I popped aquestion about world wide delivery and the use of PayPal and we will soon have an answer to that i am sure.



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New items at Phenoptix


 Just had an email telling me that they now have male -female jumper leads in stock for arduino etc.

They do have quite a selection of new stuff in but those leads they got in for me as they seem very hard to find at least in UK stores.

 Hat off to them for listerning to their customer base.

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As promised from Phenoptix



Hi there,
Sorry for the delayed reply, we've been a bit snowed under with orders for Christmas!
We'd be very grateful if you'd recommend us to your forums.

We do our best to provide the best service to customers in the UK and worldwide so hope we
won't disappoint any of your fellow forum members, whether they're from Bolton or Bali!

We're also looking to expand our range to cater for robotics customers too,! So would be grateful of any recommendations. We've recently received some 9g hobby servos and are looking to source some small
steppers etc to add to our range. I might even join your forums to see what people are using!

Thanks very much for the email. It's always nice to hear from customers.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!
Best Regards

The Phenoptix  Service Team



Ok Folks straight from the horses mouth so to speak, if you need or can recommend they are listening .......

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